A.P.E.R.O. Romanian Online Payments Association

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Electronic Payments Association from Romania

Professional association that aims to promote electronic payments made through regulated mechanisms at European and local level and increase public confidence in the use of cashless payment tools and methods (cards, mobile payments) and remote payment tools (internet/mobile banking).

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Pay by card

Card payments are the main engine of the e-payment ecosystem enjoying the highest adoption rate.

Pay with your mobile phone

E-wallet solutions are on the rise and maximize the contribution of mobile technology to the world of electronic payments.

Internet/Mobile Banking

Internet & Mobile banking platforms make a significant contribution to promoting and strengthening electronic payments in the economy.


Promotion of e-commerce and its consolidation is one of the strategic directions of action for the e-payments industry.

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Action directions

To achieve the objectives of A.P.E.R.O. the governing bodies of the association, namely the President of the Association, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director have the following tools at their disposal:

We propose updates to the legislative framework so that it is aligned with business realities.

We collaborate with the authorities for a good knowledge and understanding of the specifics of electronic payments.

We implement strategic projects with a significant impact on all exponents of the ecosystem.

We collaborate in our projects and initiatives with entities of international profile.

We organize events and debates relevant to the electronic payments ecosystem.

We conclude strategic partnerships with similar entities from both the private and public spheres.