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Do you want to become an A.P.E.R.O member?

The membership of the Romanian Electronic Payments Association can be held by Romanian or foreign legal entities, which cumulatively meet the conditions : 

  • Activity directly or indirectly related to the development of the electronic payments market; 
  • I recognize and respect the Statute of the Association; 
  • Share and participate in the creation process of the purpose and objectives of the Association;
  • It carries out its activity according to the laws in force; 

I want to become a member of A.P.E.R.O


The categories of legal persons eligible to become a member of the Association

Card Issuers/Acceptors

Institutions that have a formal organization in the area of ​​electronic payments

Which contributes to the promotion and proliferation of electronic payments in Romania. We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of the Association

Obtaining Membership

The legal person who wishes to join the Association (Applicant) to obtain membership shall submit an e-mail containing a “Letter of Accession” to the Board of Directors

a. a declaration that he knows and accepts the Statute of the Association and wishes to be admitted as a member of the Association;

b. a statement certifying that he is not in a state of insolvency or in bankruptcy proceedings;

c. information about the person who will represent it within the Association.