Our History

March 2017

DSP2 working group – A.P.E.R.O. is forming a working group that has to cooperate both with public and private sector in order to integrate the Second Payment Services Directive with the local legislation.


The Cash Back Law Working Group – In order to implement the of the cash back law the industry representatives study the impact of the provisions of this law and the risks that need to be managed during the implementation process.

MAY 2016

On the occasion of an anniversary conference, after 5 years since Ghiseul.ro has been launched, A.P.E.R.O. and A.A.D.R. share public the project insights, the results of the 2011 – 2015 period and also the future strategy for the development of the platform.


As the development of Ghiseul.ro is confirmed, the stage of maturation has begun. A new model of project governance is implemented, a model that needs to provide sustainability and long term development of the project.

MARCH 2015

As a result of consultations of the member of the Board of the Association and with the approval of the General Assembly, the strategy and objectives of the Association for the 2014-2017 mandate have been approved.


A.P.E.R.O. is electing its Board members for the 2014-2017 mandate and set out as main goal the acknowledgement of the Association as the representative voice of the industry. The President elected is Razvan Faer, the representative of Transfond.


A.P.E.R.O. is electing its Board members for the 2011-2014 mandate and sets out as main goal the strengthening of “Ghiseul.ro” project. As President, was elected Mr. Adrian Apolzan, the ING Bank representative.

MARCH 2011

We lay the foundation of „Ghiseul.ro” project. A.P.E.R.O makes available to A.A.D.R. the technical solution for tax payments. After it has been validated with the public sector auditors it was agreed for implementation.


The interests of public sector and private sector for building an online system for collecting taxes got together and gave birth to a Public – Private Partnership between A.A.D.R. and A.P.E.R.O.

2008 - 2009

This was the time for the industry representatives to become parts of A.P.E.R.O. and also for A.P.E.R.O. to prepare the elections for Board members and positions, respectively the President and the Board of Directors.


The Association of Electronic Payment in Romania (A.P.E.R.O.) has been founded as a representative of the electronic payment industry, which has set as a purpose to represent this industry interests in the relationship with other professional associations and the authorities.