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The association creates and develops links with public administration authorities, with similar associative structures, with natural or legal persons, Romanian or foreign, in order to achieve the objectives : 

  • promoting electronic payments and increasing public confidence in the use of online and onsite cashless payment instruments/methods; 
  • promoting interoperability between electronic payment methods; 
  • supporting and promoting electronic commerce; 
  • innovation in the field of electronic payments. 

The Authority for the Digitization of Romania (A.D.R) is a structure with legal personality within the working apparatus of the Government and under the coordination of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization (MCID), with the role of realizing and coordinating the implementation of strategies and public policies in the field of digital transformation and the information society.

A.D.R. has the role of managing and operating the e-government system (S.E.N.) available at the address www.e-guvernare.ro, The Electronic Public Procurement System (S.E.A.P.) available at www.e-licitatie.ro, The IT system for the electronic assignment of international road freight transport authorizations and for the electronic assignment of national routes from transport programs through regular county and inter-county services (S.A.E.T.) available at www.autorizatiiauto.ro and the National Electronic Payment System online with the card of fees and taxes (S.N.E.P.) available at the address www.ghiseul.ro and of the electronic Single Contact Point (P.C.U.e) available at the address http://www.edirect.e-guvernare.ro.

It launched the new portal on June 22, 2022 cagl.ro,

which offers parties, representatives and the public access to the main services offered by all 13 courts in the constituency: registration of a new file on the court’s roll, submission of documents in an already existing file, payment of the judicial stamp duty in a file, issuance of registration certificates , release of legalized copies of court decisions, release of copies of the disposition of a court decision.

For the first time, the payment of the judicial stamp duty is fully integrated in the online request steps for the service – by redirection between the Galați Court of Appeal portal, www.ghiseul.ro and back – similar to the online payment mechanism in private e-commerce. As a result, we offer you a hassle-free experience, without scanned proofs of payment or separate files with electronic payment orders, but at the same time we also remove the possibility of using the same proof of payment of stamp duty for multiple requests.

For this purpose, also with a unique character, the Galati Court of Appeal concluded an Interconnection Agreement with the Authority for the Digitization of Romania, which administers the website www.ghiseul.ro. In this pilot project, we jointly developed a programmatic interface (API) to integrate online tax payment with our portal cagl.ro.

The National Bank of Romania has an intrinsic role in maintaining financial stability, given the responsibilities resulting from its dual position of monetary and prudential authority. Attributions subsumed under the objectives of financial stability are exercised both through the regulation and prudential supervision of the institutions under its authority, as well as through the effective formulation and transmission of monetary policy measures and the supervision of the optimal functioning of systemically important payment and settlement systems. At the same time, it is necessary to identify the risks and vulnerabilities of the entire financial system, as a whole and on its components, because the monitoring of financial stability is preventive. The emergence and development of dysfunctions, such as incorrect risk assessment and inefficient capital allocation, can affect the stability of the financial system and economic stability.

The Romanian Association of Banks, an entity that concentrates the entire banking market in Romania consisting of 37 banks active as Romanian and foreign legal entities in the financial sector, celebrated in 2016 a quarter of a century of existence.

The priorities of the banking industry aim to maintain the role of the banking system as the main financier of the Romanian economy, ensuring the stability and credibility of the banking sector. The Romanian banking system provides over 90% of the total financing granted by the Romanian financial system.

ARB is a member of the European Banking Federation since 1991 (with full rights since 2007), the European Payments Council, the European Mortgage Federation and 26 national profit-making bodies regarding the development and improvement of the economic framework. For this, the banking community provides more than 800 specialists who participate in the 23 technical commissions of the ARB.