A.P.E.R.O. President's Word

"Association of Electronic Payments in Romania (A.P.E.R.O.) is the trade body of the electronic payments industry in Romania and the main voice of the payments ecosystem. A.P.E.R.O. deals with the challenges of an ecosystem of payments in a continous evolution, offering to its members specialized coordination and support in achieveing their business goals and acknowledging the opportunities arising from the implementation of smart, innovative, secure and personalized payment systems and services, both for present and for the time to come. "

A.P.E.R.O President.

Răzvan Faer


We involve in all projects of general interest.


We act transparently in our relationships both with public and private partners.


Share and manage resources for strategic projects.


… is essential in all the steps we take and is the fundation of our actions.

The Legality Principle

Compliance with the laws in force is the main condition of the association activity.

The principle of Promoting Electronic Payments

Promoting the electronic payments is the goal and the essence of the Association’s existence.

The Principle of Loyal Competition

We encourage a fair competition between all the entities of the ecosystem.

The Principle of Innovation

We encourage innovation in all our projects and actions.